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Posted on June 6th, 2011

This is an interview I did with Guitar Wolf on May 17th.

I transcribed it because the audio quality was not great.

Songs 1) Guitar Wolf - “Canana Fever” – Jet Generation 2)Guitar Wolf -“Love Rock” – Love Rock 3)Oblivians – “I’m Not a Sicko There’s a Plate in my Head” - Soul Food 4)Vikings – “Tonight” - Best Head 5) Link Ray – “Rumble” – The Original Rumble 6)Mad 3 – “Jack the Violence” – Wild Zero Soundtrack 7) Teengenerate – “This is Rock and Roll” – Wild Wild 7” 8) Firestarter – “Trashy Dreams” – Firestarter 9) Guitar Wolf- “I Love You OK” – Golden Black Compilation 10) Guitar Wolf – “Jett Beer” – UFO Romantics 11) Guitar Wolf -“Kenka Rock” – Dead Rock 12) Guitar Wolf - “Fujiyama Attack” –Jet Generation

Guitar Wolf

Guitar Wolf Interview

1) How would you describe your music to someone who hadn’t heard it before?

“Loud, Fast. Like a jet taking off. Acceleration. Full throttle. Ouuuuu [wolf howl]”

2) When you were young what happened that made you turn into Guitar Wolf?

“My grandmother was a wolf. She was from Nagasaki, where I was born. It is the countryside. So I am ¼ wolf. Yeah. Watch out.”

3) What did your family say when you started to play Jett Rock? Did they think you were crazy?

“No they were very accepting. They are part wolf too. It was usual.”

4) You have a crazy guitar sound. Who inspired you to play guitar?

"Link Ray, Johnny Thunders"

5) Why did you put rare punk music like the Vikings and the Kids into the movie Wild Zero?

“We really like those bands. I am surprised you know them and the movie.”

6) How did you meet Billy and Toru?

“I was working at a leather shop in Harajuku and Billy was working in a record store. We met and said let’s make a band. Let’s go Rock and roll.”

7) Can you tell me about meeting Eric Oblivian from Goner Records?

“We came to Seattle to play a concert. We only planned to play one show. After that show someone asked us to go to Vancouver. We met Eric there. He asked us to come to Memphis to play. It was not planned. It just happened that we met him. We were very lucky. We are a Goner Records band. You can see from the stickers on our guitars.”

8) What was it like signing to Matador records? How did things change for you?

“We did three records. Missile Me. Planet of the Wolves and Jet Generation. We toured a lot. Jet Generation is a great record. It is very loud Jet Rock!”

9) Some Japanese bands, like Peelander Z and Electric Eel Shock, end up moving outside of Japan to become popular. Why didn’t Guitar Wolf do that?

“Everyone in the world must wait for Guitar Wolf. It is important. The last time we were here was before Billy died in 2005. America, Argentina, Brazil, England, and Europe. All must wait for Guitar Wolf. They will get excited.”

10) Do you think Japanese bands think about Rock and Roll differently than American bands? Are Japanese bands more fun and less serious?

[Some discussion in Japanese] “I don’t know. Peelander Z those guys are just crazy. Have you seen them?"

11) You are playing with Firestarter [former members of Teengenerate] later this year in Japan. Have you played with them before? Do they play often? How are they different from Teengenerate?

“We play with them sometimes. We are very proud of Teengenerate. They are great. We are lucky to have such a good band”

12) You have said that Rock and Roll needs to be saved. What is wrong with Rock and Roll now?

“We don’t know the meaning of that. We think those words sound good.”

13) You often talk about girls, but I have heard that you are married. Is that true? Do you have any young wolf cubs?

“Yes. Of course. I have many wolf cubs all over the world! It is important to make a big group!”

14) Billy seemed like the most sukebe (dirty or raunchy) member, he was ichiban sukebe, do you miss that?

“Yes of course I miss him. But every man should be sukebe. Every man Must be sukebe! Yes must be!”

15) What are you future goals for Guitar Wolf? I have heard rumors about Wild Zero 2.

"Hmm. We will take a time machine and go back in time. To the French Revolution. Then get Marie Antoinette. Have sex with her and make wolf cubs!

But doesn’t she die? She gets her head chopped off!

"Hmm. We can stop that. We will make wolf cubs for the future."