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Zebrassieres - Toronto Tocks 32

Posted on June 5th, 2013

Keyboards, Cryptomaniacs, Touring (Past and Present), Ottawa Music Scene vs Calgary Music Scene, Quitting Jobs and Being Creative, the Funfuns, Working in Ottawa, Technological Skepticism, Science Fiction and Robots, Poppy Lyrics – Darker Lyrics, Being 30, Alienation, Consumerism, Politics in Music, Sled Island,

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1) White Wires – Girly Girly       

2) Teledrome  - Double visions   

3) Funfuns – My Head      

4) Funfuns – Heart Attack      

5) Zebrassiers - Black Brain Wave

6)  Zebrassiers -Lone Fish      

7) Zebrassiers - I am Human   

8) Zebrassiers  -Economy Lobotomy     

9) Zebrassiers - Suit Lie