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Punk Rock and Roll From and Coming to Toronto

Eddie Spaghetti Supersuckers - Toronto Tocks 33

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Topics:  Seattle, Liquor Women Drugs and Killing,  
Jackalopes and Religion, Rock and Roll and the Devil, 
Eric Martin and Heroin, Johnny Thunders, 
Captain Sensible, Tucson Arizona, 
Struggles with Interscope and Limp Bizkit, 
West Memphis 3, Running Your Own Label (Mid Fi), 
Courtship and Marriage, Parents and Pretty Fucked Up,  
Song Writing, Oscar Wilde, New Solo Record (Value of Nothing), 
Family Life and Children, Solo Shows


Tijuana Bibles - Toronto Tocks 24

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Tijuana Bibles Interview Toronto Tocks 24

1)  Mexican Courage
2)  Rock and Roll Fighting
3)  The Crusher (by the Novas)
4)  Instantaneous Death
5)  We're Gonna Tangle
6)  N.H.T.F
7)  Chimpanzee Twist
8)  Tokyo Topless
9)  Sexo Caliente


The Bon - Toronto Tocks 21

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The Bon Static Electricity CD Release Party at the Frantic City Freak Out June 10th 2011

Songs: 1)“We’re Gonna Tangle” (Tijuana Bibles) 2) Year of the Tiger 3) Mincemeat 4) Static Electricity 5) This Strange Effect (Kinks Cover) 6) Zig Zag

Topics: Song Writing, The Hindenburg, Relationships, Recording, Toronto, Detroit, , Jon B the Portuguese Rapper.


Bass Drum of Death - Toronto Tocks 19

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Bass Drum of Death

BDOD 564
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John Barret and Colin Sneed

Topics: Influences, High School Roaches, Mississippi, Odd Future, Recording, Song References.

Songs: 1) T- Model Ford "Cut You Loose" 2) "High School Roaches" 3) Odd Future "Rolling Papers" 4) GB City 5) Nerve Jamming 6) You're Haunting Me


Brutal Knights - Toronto Tocks 17

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Interview with Nick Flanagan of the Brutal Knight on Dec 10th. Their last show.

Topics include: Influences, Youth, Song Writing, Touring, and Life After BK

Songs: 1 I Can't Sleep at Night - Ode to Joy - Deadly Snakes 2 KWC - Pleasure is All Thine 3 I Do Nothing - Feast of Shame 4 Why the Beard - Total Rebellion 5 POWMIA - Blown 2 Completion 6 Grow Up Throw Up - Feast of Shame


Bloodshot Bill - Toronto Tocks 16

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Interview with Bloodshot Bill Nov 22 Topics include: Youth, Family, Inflence, Montreal, Collaboration, Ding Dongs (Mark Sultan), and Tandoori Knights (King Khan)

Songs: Itty Bitty Betty - Eddie Cocharane, Ring the Bell -BB- "Trashy Greesy Rockin Billy", King Slut "Bloodshot Bill and His Hubcaps", Ding-Dong Party - Ding Dongs, Big Belly Giant -Tandoori Knights, Naughty Girls -BB- "All Messed Up"


Toronto Tocks 5 Black Lips live, SNFU, Mark Sultan, Deerhunter

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A post about recent shows that have happened in Toronto.

SNFU "Cockatoo Quill" - In The Mean Time and In Between

Mark Sultan "Spinning Ceiling" - Sultanic Verses

Black Lips at Sonic Boom Records

1 Make It - dirtbombs tour split 7" 2 Dirty Hands - Let It bloom 3 Stuck in My Mind - 7" (with In and Out) 4 Short Fuse - 200 Million Thousand 5 Raw Meat - New Song 6 unknown 7 Ghetto Cross - We Did Not Know ... 8 Bad Kids - Good Bad Not Evil Encore Navajo - Good Bad Not Evil

Deerhunter - "Agorophobia" - Microcastle