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Zebrassieres - Toronto Tocks 32

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Keyboards, Cryptomaniacs, Touring (Past and Present), Ottawa Music Scene vs Calgary Music Scene, Quitting Jobs and Being Creative, the Funfuns, Working in Ottawa, Technological Skepticism, Science Fiction and Robots, Poppy Lyrics – Darker Lyrics, Being 30, Alienation, Consumerism, Politics in Music, Sled Island,

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1) White Wires – Girly Girly       

2) Teledrome  - Double visions   

3) Funfuns – My Head      

4) Funfuns – Heart Attack      

5) Zebrassiers - Black Brain Wave

6)  Zebrassiers -Lone Fish      

7) Zebrassiers - I am Human   

8) Zebrassiers  -Economy Lobotomy     

9) Zebrassiers - Suit Lie


Ketamines Paul Lawton - Toronto Tocks 31

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1)  Endangered Ape –  Ape Shall Not Kill Ape - “Whites of My Eyes”

2)   Myelin Sheaths – Get On Your Nerves - “Chemistry Lesson”

3)        Ketamines – Spaced Out – “Teenage Rebellion Time”

4)        Ketamines – Spaced Out  - “Evil Intensions”

5)        Happy Thoughts – Self Titled – “One More Fish”

6)        Ketamines – Line by Line 7” - “New Victims”

7)        Ketamines – Change Your Ways 7” – “Turning You On”

8)        Moby Dicks – Self Titled “Talk Money”

9)        Zebrassieres – I am Human – “Economy Lobotomy”


Ko Melina of the Dirtbombs - Toronto Tocks 30

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Recording, Touring, Negative Approach,  Mick Collins, Spiritualized, T.V. on the Radio, Moving to Detroit,  People’s Records, The Magic Stick, Jack White, Ko & the Knockouts, Women in Rock and Roll, Bruise Cruise, Party Store and Detroit Techno, Kyle Hall, Little Steven and Ko’s Sirus Satellite Show

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“Ever Lovin Man” – Dirtbombs –  We Have You Surrounded

“Negative Approach” – Negative Approach – Total Recall

“Electricity” – Spiritualized – Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space

“Dancing Choose” – T.V. on the Radio – Dear Science

“Motor City Baby” – Dirtbombs – Dangerous Magical Noise

“If I” – Ko & the Knockouts – Self Titled

“Here Comes That Sound Again” – Dirtbombs – If You Don’t Already …

“Chem-Farmer” – Thee Oh Sees – Carrion Crawler/ The Dream

“Good Life” – Dirtbombs – Party Store

“Get It While You Can” – Dirtbombs – Dangerous Magical Noise

“La Fin Du Monde” – Dirtbombs – We Have You Surrounded


Reigning Sound - Toronto Tocks 29

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Reigning Sound Interview With Greg Cartwright

600 Reigning Sound Songs

1 “You Got Me Humming” from Too Much Guitar

2 “Strong Come On” with the Oblivians from the Strong Come On 7”

3 “Sour and Vicious Man” the Reatards from Not Fucked Enough (covering the Compulsive Gamblers)

4 “Debris” from Love and Curses

5 “Break It One More Time” from Reigning Sound with Mary Weiss

6 “So Sad” from Break Up … Break Down

7 “You’re All Alone” with the Deadly Snakes from I’m Not Your Soldier Anymore

8 “Motor Cycle Leather Boy” Guitar Wolf from Planet of the Wolves


SXSW 2012 - Toronto Tocks 28

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1)  "Pledian Love" by David Liebe Hart, from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job (Mixtape Vol II)

2)  "Golden" by Future Unlimited   (First EP)

3) "A Pearl Is Not a Diamond" by White Fence (Is Growing Faith)

4) "My Girlfriend is a Rock" by The Nervebreakers  (We Want Everything)

5)  "Teenage Rebellion Time" by The Ketamines (Spaced Out)

6)  "Trailer Park Boneyard" by The Coathangers (Larceny & Lace)

7) "The Dream" by Thee Oh Sees (Carrion Crawler)


Tandoori Knights Interview - Toronto Tocks 26

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Tandoori Knights Interview

Topics:  Chuck Berry, The Moon, Bollywood Steel Guitar, Song Writing, Khan’s Daughters, Sponge Bob, Motorhead, Norton Records 25th, Charlie Feathers

Songs 1) Havana Moon – Chuck Berry

2) Lovers’ Moon – Tandoori Knights

3) Chura Liya Hai Tum Ne – Charanjit Singh

4) Pretty Please – Tandoori Knights

5) Roam the Land – Tandoori Knights

6) Brown Trash – Tandoori Knights

7) You Better Swim – Motorhead

8) Can’t Stand It – Charlie Feathers

Photo by Charlie Smith


Interview with Cole Alexander of the Black Lips - Toronto Tocks 6

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Interview with Cole Alexander of the Black Lips. From Toronto on the phone from Memphis to Athens Georgia.

Image courtesy of Allise Hewes -

Songs: "Bad Kids" - Good Bad Not Evil - Black Lips "Empassant" - Let It Bloom - Black Lips "How Do You Tell a Child that Someone Has Died" - Good Bad not Evil - Black Lips "Freak Out" - Black Lips - Black Lips "Walkabout" - Logos - Atlas Sound "Cobra Movement" - Cobra Killer - Cobra Killer "Shake Your Dix" - Fatherfucker - Peaches "Bow Down and Die" - Almighty Defenders - Almighty Defenders